US Service Center

You can contact us for the classic small maintenance, such as oil change. But we are also happy to help you with electrical or motor problems. At Karosse Automotive we specialize in the electronics of these Americans. You can also contact us for maintenance for other American brands.


A number of mandatory adjustments must first be made to American cars before they meet the European standards. For example, an adjustment of white position lights, yellow winkers, a fog light and a thirteen-legged towbar plug is mandatory. We can help you choose the right parts and install them for you. 

It is also possible to upgrade your car according to your preference. Some common modifications are the exhaust, additional lighting and rims. 


Recalls are important updates that must be made to the car to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the car. These must always be respected. The recalls can only be executed by RAM service centers, such as Karosse Automotive. Recalls are free for all Dodge & RAM cars that have been officially imported by FCA (via AGT, AEC or KWA). Feel free to send us your chassis number and we will check which recall action you are entitled to. 


At Karosse Automotive we can get almost all parts and accessories. We always have the ones you need most often in stock. We can obtain the other parts within a short period of time. So you can come to us for the smallest screw to a handy tonneau cover. This way you do not have to search for the necessary material at different locations. 

Tow bars

Currently, every original towbar on the RAM in Belgium is rejected. This is due to the lack of European approval, which limits the total permitted towing weight to 1500 kg. Karosse Automotive has developed a new European approved towbar for this purpose, with which one can pull 3500 kg again.