Homologation is the process of certifying a product to indicate that it meets regulatory standards and specifications, such as safety and technical requirements. 

In the car world this can be anything from car parts to entire cars. They all need homologation.


Certificate of Conformity. This is a document provided by the constructor to ensure that your car is technically the same as every other car of the same model. The COC document is a European document. Imported cars will not have this document.

When your car was originally meant for the European market after circa 2000.

Yes, choose the Platinum package and we will also handle shipping for you

No, we will gladly offer services and guidance with the import and homologation of you vehicle but do not search for customer vehicles.

Yes this is possible. Take a closer look into the details of our service packages and you will find the answer to your question.


If your car’s first registration is past 2000 and you do not have a COC, your car most likely is imported.


In all countries except France. If you want to register your vehicle as an oldtimer in Belgium, a Datenblatt is also not necessary. A Datenblatt is included in following services:

  • Import with COC
  • Import without COC
  • Inspection for modifications
  • Commercial vehicle inspection

A Datenblatt is a technical form to ensure that the vehicle complies to all technical and safety regulations.


If you want to register your vehicle in Belgium, you will have to apply for this document