About Our Company

Karosse started as a homologation company. Since then, homologation has always been its main focus.

After time, we expanded to import and homologation of American vehicles. 

Now, it has become a healthy mix of both with a lot of new projects on the way.


About Our Company

Our mission is to offer the customer services to their specific needs. We will complete this task with quality and professionalism in mind.


About Our Company

Because homologation is what started Karosse, this will also be our main focus in the future.

As all our projects always will need some sort of homologation, it is a necessary instrument in our orchestra.


Karosse Automotive Ford F150

Karosse EU

Dirk Duchateau

Dirk Duchateau Founder

Mail - info@karosse.eu

Phone - +32 3 605 85 58

Victor Duchateau

Victor Duchateau Homologation

Mail - victor@karosse.eu

Phone - +32 4 74 06 26 38

Nicolas Delcourt

Nicolas Delcourt Administrative work

Mail - nicolas@karosse.eu

Phone - +32 3 605 85 58

Carlindo Junior

Carlindo Junior Mechanic

Karosse France

Karim Bouaouli

Karim Bouaouli Management

Mail - karim@karosse.eu

Phone - +33 7 67 74 55 14